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Government Resources

Research & Legal Sources

Advocacy and Abolitionist Groups

  • Witness to Innocence - is the nation’s only organization composed of, by, and for exonerated death row survivors and their loved ones.  The organization challenges the American public to grapple with the problem of a fatally flawed criminal justice system that sends innocent people to death row.  One of Witness to Innocence’s primary goals is to empower death row survivors and their loved ones to be effective leaders in the death penalty movement.  It provides an essential network of peer support for these individuals as they respond to the challenges and opportunities of life after exoneration.
  • International

  • Abolition UK - the only nationwide (UK) grassroots organization focused solely on the issue of death penalty abolition. They aim to strengthen the international dimension of the struggle against capital punishment.
  • Amnesty International - tracks death penalty internationally, includes statistics and general information, country reports
  • Association SAVE - provides support for individuals with claims of innocence on death row in the U.S.
  • Australian Coalition Against the Death Penalty anti-death penalty organization in Australia that supports International abolition of the death penalty and is against the re-introduction of capital punishment in Australia
  • Italian Section of Amnesty International - international death penalty documents, appeals and information
  • Bruderhof Community - articles and essays on capital punishment, includes writings from death row prisoners
  • Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty
  • Death Watch International - Organization based in the UK exploring the issue of the death penalty on a global scale. Their comprehensive website contains stories, news and factual information on the status of the death penalty around the world.
  • Sant'Egidio Community of Italy - an appeal for the moratorium of the death penalty all over the world by the year 2000, promoted by Sr. Helen Prejean and other organizations.
  • Ensemble Contre La Peine de Mort - held two international conferences on worldwide abolition of the death penalty and publishes an electronic newsletter (in French).
  • European Association for Human Rights - campaigns for the promotion, advancement and protection of human rights and the promotion, monitoring and support of people in emergencies, including those on death row, at national and international level. (in English and German)
  • European Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty - news, interesting personal reports about and of Death Row inmates, information about pen friends and the aims of the ECADP.
  • European Union in the United States - Site offering information on European Union policy and action on the death penalty.
  • Keine Todesstrafe (No Death Penalty) - a weblog with information in German and English.
  • International Commission against the Death Penalty - an international organization favoring abolition of the death penalty.
  • The Moratorium Campaign - works towards obtaining a moratorium on the death penalty, educating the public, and collects signatures for a petition that will be delivered to the United States representatives to the United Nations on Human Rights Day.
  • International Justice Project works towards the development, coordination and increased employment of international law and human rights standards as they pertain to capital punishment.
  • Reprieve - provides effective legal representation and humanitarian assistance to impoverished people facing the death penalty at the hands of the state in the US and the Caribbean. Reprieve's Web site is an umbrella site that catalogues all death penalty resources on the internet.
  • 20 Minutes - in death row (ma vie dans le couloir de la mort)
  • World Coalition Against the Death Penalty - Coalition committed to the universal abolition of the death penalty.



Resources for Victims

Inmate Correspondence Groups

Other Sources

  • Angolite - Angola's Prison Magazine, written by inmates
  • Address of Death Row Units in the U.S. - addresses of death rows in the USA for both men and women.
  • The Clemency Project seeks the release from prison of battered women who have killed or injured their abusers.
  • Criminal Justice Policy Foundation - Provides information to the public about the issues in state and federal anti-crime proposals.
  • The Free Will Project - A group encouraging people to add a clause to their last will and testament stating their opposition to capital punishment and their wish that, should they be murdered, their assailant not receive the death penalty.
  • Inmate Art - site for the display and sale of art by death row inmates.
  • Death Row Speaks - inmate advocacy group with a focus on the military and federal death penalties.
  • Execution Chronicles- A site that explores various aspects of crime and punishment through the case of a hate crime which resulted in a death sentence.
  • Texas Death Row By Alan Pogue - A page of photographs and commentary from Texas' death row
  • Criminal Justice Programs with capital punishment focus.


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