Information about the Romell Broom botched execution

On September 15, 2009, Ohio death row inmate Romell Broom was scheduled for execution (left, and below right after the execution attempt). After his final appeals were denied, the state prepared to execute Broom. The execution team began searching for suitable veins to insert an IV for lethal injection. However, after two hours, they were unable to complete the process.  At one point, Broom offered to move around so the guards could find a second suitable vein, but it was to no avail.  The execution was called off.  A stay was granted for one week, but further stays have been granted by the courts considering whether it would be constitutional to attempt his execution a second time.



News Stories:

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Court documents:

Broom's Ohio Supreme Court Petition To Forbid Further Execution
Broom's Petition for Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction
Exhibits for Petition
Stay order for Lawrence Reynolds Jr. - A stay ordered pending the outcome of the hearing of the Broom case based on the botched execution.
State of Ohio's announcement that it is switching to a one-drug execution protocol (filed in U.S. District Court, Nov. 13, 2009)

Press Releases

Ohio Press Release on the Stays Granted Following the Broom Execution



All Things Considered - National Public Radio - September 16, 2009





An interview with Stephen Majors, an Associated Press reporter who was present for the botched execution of Ohio death row inmate Romell Broom. After two hours of searching, the execution team was unable to find a suitable vein to apply the injection method, and the execution had to be rescheduled. For more information, click here. For a timeline of the Broom execution, click here.

The interview can be found on the NPR Web site by clicking here.

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