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Important pieces of death penalty legislation that have recently passed or are currenty being considered. (DPIC welcomes additions and suggestions.)


Results of the New Jersey Assembly vote on December 13, 2007.
On third reading, abolition of death penalty was passed 44-36.
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2015 - Proposed legislation

State Description Status
Alabama Bill to reinstate the electric chair as a mandatory form of execution  
Florida 1. HB 4003 would require identification of those participating in executions
2. HB 139 would require a unanimous jury verdict for a death sentence
Idaho Bill would require secrecy for the source of lethal injection durgs  
Indiana 1. SB 136 would abolish the death penalty
2. Bill would allow death penalty for a murder with a beheading
3. SB 385 would allow death penalty for a murder connected to a school shooting
2. PASSED Senate 45-4
Maine Bill to reinstate the death penalty for the murder of a child involving sexual abuse  
Missouri SB 240 would authorize a cost study of the state's death penalty  
Montana Bill to abolish the death penalty to be introduced  
Nebraska LB 268 would abolish the death penalty (Sen. Ernie Chambers' bill)  
Wyoming 1. Bill to reinstate the firing squad as a method of execution
2. HB 97 would abolish the death penalty
1. Passed Senate on Jan. 16

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2008 Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment

For information on legislative changes proposed or enacted as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Ring v. Arizona, see DPIC's Web page, U.S. Supreme Court: Ring v. Arizona