Texas Releases Partial DNA Test Results in Hank Skinner Case

The Texas Attorney General's Office has released partial results of DNA testing long requested by attorneys for death row inmate Hank Skinner. Although the results are incomplete and reveal the presence of another unknown person, the state is claiming the tests confirm Skinner's involvement in the murder of his live-in girlfriend, Twila Busby, and her two adult sons in 1993. Skinner had been seeking additional DNA testing since 2000 even while execution dates had been scheduled, but his requests had been denied until the defense attorneys and the state finally reached an agreement in 2012. According to a statement from Skinner's attorney, Rob Owen, "We will remain unable to draw any strong conclusions about whether the DNA testing has resolved the stubborn questions about Hank Skinner’s guilt or innocence until additional DNA testing has been completed, and the data underlying that DNA testing has been made available to our experts for a detailed review," he said. A jacket found at the scene of the crime containing blood spattering was lost by the police and DNA testing could not be done on this piece of evidence.  DNA testing after conviction has contributed to 300 exonerations in the United States, including 18 from death row.  There have been 44 DNA exonerations in Texas alone.

Skinner's attorney further noted, “We have requested additional DNA testing that could improve the quality of the unknown DNA profile from the carpet sample, to allow authorities to submit it to CODIS, the national law enforcement DNA database, to search for matches there.  We have also requested additional DNA testing of the stains from the knife, likewise hoping to develop further the DNA profile of the third contributor. All the parties must do everything in their power to make sure Texas does not make an irreversible mistake.”

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